Mother’s Day

We wanted to celebrate and honor the most unselfish women of the world, the MOTHERS, on their very special day! Regardless of race, socio-economic, or status, women who have given birth, nurtured, sacrificed, and give abundant and unconditional love to their children are a gift from God!

Happy Mothers Day, and lots of blessings!

A mother, a mom, a mommy, or mamma – simple words that mean the world to the little girl or boy saying them. It’s a word loaded with emotions of comfort, of belonging and sometimes, of distress, for who can you turn to if not your mother? If you had to think of one person who gave you their love unconditionally, wouldn’t she be at the top of that list?

She was there every time you cried as a child.

She jumped with joy the first time you stood up, on hour tender feet.

She celebrated with happiness on your first birthday.

She gave you sweets on your first day of school.

She bought you new clothes, instead of ones for herself. You showed off to your friends.

She took you to the Doctor when you were sick. You regained your heath.

She quarreled with her friends, when you fought with her friend’s kid; to prove you were innocent.

She gave you her savings, to buy the things that make you happy.

She’s now old and lonely, and still thinking of you.

Remember all that she had, she gave to you.

Show your love before you feel it’s too late.

Give her a bit of your time. For that is all she desires.

Tell her that you love her.

Because she’s with you, no matter where you are, no matter what you do. 

Source: Lara R.

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