Hannity’s Headlines: Trump Fired

This does not implied that we agree or disagree with Mr. Trump’s remarks that have been the main focus of discussion by the main stream liberal media, it is about their hypocrisy, the cover up of some of their “darlings” who have said made vicious remarks, offensive, and some lies, and yet they get a free pass, alas; Al Sharpton, Jessee Jackson, Hillary Clinton,  Brian Williams, BHO, Eric Holder, the Mayor of New York City, etc, etc. also lets not forget that NBC/Universal owns MSNBC………
Read below Sean Hannity’s op-ed.

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Trump Fired
NBC Universal announced yesterday that they are severing all business ties with Donald Trump because of some derogatory comments he made about immigrants.  I don’t want this to sound arrogant because it’s not meant to be, but I don’t know anybody in the media now who has been as close to the border as I have been.  I have seen tunnels that go from Mexico to San Diego.  I have seen warehouses filled with more drugs than you can shake a stick at.  We have more than eleven million people who have crossed the border into this country.
I know what these guys are dealing with.  I know all of the crimes that are committed by the criminals crossing the border into America.  So what did Trump say that was so controversial?

America has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems.  It’s true.  When Mexico sends its people, they don’t send their best.  They’re sending people with lots of problems.  They’re bringing drugs.  They’re bringing crime.  Some, I assume, are good people.  I speak with border guards and they tell us what we’re getting.  It only makes common sense.  This has got to stop and it has to stop fast.

We have a problem in this country when CNN calls these remarks “rationally tinged.”  I covered many of the problems with the border on ‘Hannity‘ but the point is Trump was telling the truth.  Trump talked about drugs.  If you’ve seen the warehouses I’ve seen filled with drugs, you’d know he’s telling the truth.  The people who are coming over the border are, naturally, those who have not found success in Mexico.

Donald Trump is recounting what we already know, the border with Mexico is a dangerous place and its security needs to remain at the forefront of our national discussion during the 2016 elections.

So Why Don’t We Have A Fence?
So with all of the debate that has gone on since the 2000 election, it really makes you wonder why the United State doesn’t have a larger fence on the border? We’ve seen the chaos at the border time and time again and yet nothing has been done.  Why?  Simple.  Politics.

If we wanted one we would have put it up.  Democrats are looking at a long-term strategy hoping that many who cross the border will have citizenship and they’ll be Democrats.  They’re thinking, strategically, that they can force a demographic switch that will benefit them politically.  On the Republican side, they’re being short-sighted as usual.  There is pressure from Big Business who is in search of cheap labor.

So we ask, why haven’t we secured our borders?  The answer is.  Politicians haven’t wanted to solve this problem.

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