Karen Kenney: Courage from 1776

We want to thank our good friend Dr. Karen Kenney for sharing such an important and historical letter from Thomas Paine to George Washington,
and so apropos to our current times and rulings rendered by the United States Supreme Court, kind of a little bit long but worth the time to read it.   
Celeste Greig – Publisher

A SFV Patriots Ben Franklin Read!

Courage from 1776: Paine’s letter to Washington

Dear Friends of the San Fernando Valley Patriots:

As we struggle with the impact of recent SCOTUS decisions that strike a hammer to the cornerstones of Separation of Powers, here is an historic document authored by patriot Thomas Paine to Gen. George Washington in the winter of our nation’s revolution to wrestle liberty from tyranny.

You may recall the opening lines or even the first paragraph, however, the inspiration for patriots to weather “The Crisis” permeates the entire document.

As we prepare to celebrate July 4, “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

Blessings in Liberty!




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