Hannity’s Headlines: Criminal Aliens and November

Latest Stats on Criminal Aliens Will Make Your Blood Boil
The Washington Examiner reported this week that some 276 sanctuary cities released over 8,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records “despite federal requests that they be turned over to ICE for deportation.”

Even worse, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, these 8,000 criminals were all released in the span of just 8 months.

The organization also reported that “many of those illegals have been rearrested after their release and charged with nearly 7,500 new charges, including child sex abuse.”

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s campaign had the audacity to double down on her support for sanctuary cities last week saying that Hillary has supported them for years and believes that sanctuary cities can help “further public safety.”

So-in other words-Hillary is supporting a system that is inevitably getting innocent Americans killed.

What Do I Want To See In November?
There are a few polls out that are showing the GOP may be catching up in the race for the White House. With this in mind, I have one piece of advice for the GOP, and I’ve said this so many times throughout my career, but it’s absolutely the key to victory. What’s the advice?

Republicans absolutely need to have an inspiring vision for this country and whoever the nominee is will need to build a backbone for his or her contemporaries in Congress. When our Congress had the chance to balance the budget, they failed. When our Congress had the chance to kill Obama Care, they failed. When our Congress had the chance to not raise the debt ceiling, they failed. We need a principled leader to give these guys the courage to stand for conservative principles, because conservative principles work!

What am I looking for in my president? It’s really simple. I’m looking for a strong and principled person who is Constitutionally supportive with a conservative vision. I need someone who believes we need to balance our budget so that we can stop robbing our kids blind. I need someone who believes in energy independence so we don’t have to go, hand-and-foot, to countries that hate our guts.

There are basic things that can rally the Americans people and simple ideas that can offer real solutions to our problems. How about someone who will stand up and recognize ISIS, that shouldn’t be hard to do!

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