Greetings From Washington, D.C

In our beautiful Nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. !
The end of another very productive, educational and fun day here in DC, I will make a full report next Monday morning. So far it has been just great. I’m NOT a Clairvoyant, but I knew last night (Thursday) that Speaker John Boehner ‘ days were few as Speaker, and Congressman Kevin McCarthy was going to be the next Speaker, I had a very nice and warm conversation with him……..also I saw my good, long time and dear friend Bob Hauter and his beautiful wife, my friend Lynn Hauter, Lynn being Executive Assistant to a solid, solid conservative from Texas, Kevin Brady ( to whom I was introduced when I visited his office by Bob Haueter , who happens to be Chief of Staff to also a solid, solid, solid conservative, Congressman Blake Farenthold R-TX)

Thank you soo much Bob Bob Haueter for the great private your. No matter how many times one visits the U S Capitol, the history, the architectural and power that both houses hold are absolutely awesome!

– Celeste

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