The Trump Speech On Muslim Terrorism Every American Should Hear


George Rasley, CHQ Editor | 6/14/2016

Yesterday, Donald Trump delivered a speech that should change the dynamics of this year’s presidential election – especially when it is compared to the dangerous lies of Hillary Clinton and the follies of the Republican establishment regarding the war Islam has declared on America and the West.

Trump went straight to the point of why the Pulse nightclub in Orlando was targeted and the Islamic religious motivation behind it:

A radical Islamic terrorist targeted the nightclub not only because he wanted to kill Americans, but in order to execute gay and lesbian citizens because of their sexual orientation.

It is a strike at the heart and soul of who we are as a nation.

It is an assault on the ability of free people to live their lives, love who they want and express their identity.

It is an attack on the right of every single American to live in peace and safety in their own country.

We need to respond to this attack on America as one united people – with force, purpose and determination.

Trump also had the guts and integrity to say what every honest person working in the national security field already knows – but under Obama is afraid to say lest they lose their job:

The bottom line is that the only reason the killer was in America in the first place was because we allowed his family to come here.

Trump had much more to say about border security, about Obama’s failure (we say intentional failure) to effectively confront Islamism here and abroad, and other related matters, but in that one line he identified the crux of the entire debate over Muslim immigration to the United States.

If we allow more Muslims to come here we can expect more of the same, and if we do not treat Muslims who are here as potential subversives we can expect more of the same.

Trump then elaborated on his view of how to address the problem and we say with some pride more or less echoed what we here at CHQ have been saying for years:

I called for a ban after San Bernardino, and was met with great scorn and anger but now, many are saying I was right to do so — and although the pause is temporary, we must find out what is going on. The ban will be lifted when we as a nation are in a position to properly and perfectly screen those people coming into our country. (See our article “We Can – And Should – Ban Most Muslim Immigration To America.”)

The immigration laws of the United States give the President the power to suspend entry into the country of any class of persons that the President deems detrimental to the interests or security of the United States, as he deems appropriate.

I will use this power to protect the American people. When I am elected, I will suspend immigration from areas of the world when there is a proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe or our allies, until we understand how to end these threats.

After a full, impartial and long overdue security assessment, we will develop a responsible immigration policy that serves the interests and values of America.

We cannot continue to allow thousands upon thousands of people to pour into our country, many of whom have the same thought process as this savage killer. (See our article “Why Do We Let These Vipers Into America.”)

Many of the principles of Radical Islam are incompatible with Western values and institutions.

Radical Islam is anti-woman, anti-gay and anti-American.

I refuse to allow America to become a place where gay people, Christian people, and Jewish people, are the targets of persecution and intimidation by Radical Islamic preachers of hate and violence.

It’s not just a national security issue. It is a quality of life issue. (See our article “Orlando Massacre: Muslim Kills Gays To Enforce Shariah In America.”)

We contrast Trump’s clarity of purpose as expressed in this speech with the PC nonsense spouted by Hillary Clinton who predictably blamed the Orlando attack on guns and not only downplayed the threat, but defended further Muslim immigration to America.

But Trump’s speech also bears contrast with the dangerous comments and actions of establishment Republicans, especially Speaker Paul Ryan and Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul (TX-10). Ryan has steadfastly, and inexplicably, supported increasing Muslim immigration to America, while Chairman McCaul has steadfastly, and inexplicably, supported Obama’s failed Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) strategy that pours millions into Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups – the same kind of groups that were granted immediate media platforms to promote the lie that the Orlando massacre “had nothing to do with Islam.”

Donald Trump concluded his remarks with this promise: “When I am President, I pledge to protect and defend all Americans who live inside of our borders. Wherever they come from, wherever they were born, all Americans living here and following our laws will be protected.”

If you are still on the fence about voting for Donald Trump I suggest you read his speech and then ask yourself, for all his foibles, who is more credible, focused and trustworthy on winning the war Islam has declared on America, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

And then ask yourself if you can risk handing over the future of America and Western Civilization to Mrs. Clinton, when she is so clearly compromised by having Islamists like Huma Abedin in her inner counsels, that she plans to continue, if not expand, the very policies that led directly to the San Bernardino and Orlando Muslim terrorist massacres?

Trump wasn’t my first choice, but he’s earned my respect and my vote with this speech and the clarity, focus and understanding he demonstrated in this speech. I urge you again, read this speech and vote for Donald Trump to save your country.

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