Karen Kenney: Courage from 1776

We want to thank our good friend Dr. Karen Kenney for sharing such an important and historical letter from Thomas Paine to George Washington,
and so apropos to our current times and rulings rendered by the United States Supreme Court, kind of a little bit long but worth the time to read it.   
Celeste Greig – Publisher

A SFV Patriots Ben Franklin Read!

Courage from 1776: Paine’s letter to Washington

Dear Friends of the San Fernando Valley Patriots:

As we struggle with the impact of recent SCOTUS decisions that strike a hammer to the cornerstones of Separation of Powers, here is an historic document authored by patriot Thomas Paine to Gen. George Washington in the winter of our nation’s revolution to wrestle liberty from tyranny.

You may recall the opening lines or even the first paragraph, however, the inspiration for patriots to weather “The Crisis” permeates the entire document.

As we prepare to celebrate July 4, “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

Blessings in Liberty!




TPP, TPA, TAA: “Free trade” Social-Democrat Style

by Dr. Karen Kenney – Executive Director-Founder of the San Fernando Valley Tea Party Patriots.

America cut its economic teeth on free-enterprise, tariffs and trade based on “comparative interest”–i.e. Swiss makes great clocks, not tires. America makes great tires, not clocks. Let’s trade.

Yes, Fair Trade used to be that simple. Not anymore. Not with this Congress–with Progressives in both parties–and not with this President.

In fact, the devil is in erasable ink. Facts and fictions point to parts of TPP, which handcuff the trade-treaty powers of Congress and enhance executive “fast-track” authority over a boatload of issues from labor and immigration to the environment, civil rights, tariff and global versus national sovereignty.

As the Democrats and Republicans joust with the Obama Administration over the (TPP) Trans-Pacific Partnership and all the acronyms tied to it (TAA) Trade Adjustment Assistance or (TPA) Trade Promotion Authority, murky waters are now muddy to even those who value prosperity and free-market principles.

There is a call-to-arms from Conservative broadcasters asking voters to tell Congress to STOP any trade action with this President. Meanwhile, GOP leaders are on the verge of snatching TPP from the jaws of defeat by union-loyal Democrats. Who thought Nancy Pelosi would counter Obama on this one?

The conflict seems to be based in confusion over the blurring of Free Trade principles, corporate cronyism and national versus global interests.

Meanwhile, mistrust abounds in Obama’s Progressive policies and the failure of GOP leadership to effectively contain the Leviathan of federal “red tape.” Too many times, Congress has betrayed its promise to pass, then “fix,” a broken bill later.

To assist you in being informed patriots, here are four articles that target the “comprehensive” nature of the TPP under the scrutiny of Conservative standards.

Remember, when the Beltway and this White House huddle on anything “comprehensive”–from immigration to healthcare–the U.S. Constitution is in the cross-hairs.

I encourage you to contact your Congressional representative to pass a “clean” trade bill that preserves Constitutional treaty powers and America’s sovereignty.

Blessings in Liberty!
Dr. Karen Kenney
Founder-Executive Director SFV Tea Party Patriots

Trans-Pacific Partnership/Conservative View (April 20, 2015)

TPP hands power to private banks (June 15, 2015)

Jim DeMint: “I know Free Trade. This isn’t it.” (June 16, 2015)

Mark Levin on TPA “Boondoggle” (June 17, 2015)

Dr. Karen Kenney: Proctology And The IRS Probe

Dr. Karen Kenney is a Constitutional and absolutely a brilliantly smart woman, she testified in front of the U.S. Congress’s Ways & Means Committee on the IRS targeting conservative organizations and denying tax exempt status to pro-life, pro-Second Amendment and Tea party groups.

She is also the founder and Executive Director of the San Fernando Valley Tea Party Patriots, holding monthly informative meetings with excellent speakers with a large range of topics and issues of interest to everybody.


By Dr. Karen Kenney: Proctology:  study of the anus, rectum and colon. 

IRS probe: see above, add debt.

In June, it will be nearly two years since my testimony concerning the IRS scrutiny of tax-exempt applications for “tea party”/conservative groups made me a Twitter “like” and a You Tube “view.”

My testimony opened with a quote from John Adams, “Facts are stubborn things” and ended with a “Thank you” to members of the Ways and Means Committee. In between were a 5-minute recitation of facts between 2010 and 2012, which chronicled the demanding, intrusive IRS probe; its impact on our San Fernando Valley Patriots, and a dash of “tea party” principles dipped in the First Amendment.

It was an honor to testify with Kevin Kookogey (Linchpins of Liberty), Diane Belson (Laurens County South Carolina Tea Party); John Eastman (National Organization for Marriage); Sue Martinek (Coalition of Life of Iowa) and Becky Gerritson, (Wetumpka Alabama Tea Party). They passed my secret test: Would I want them for neighbors? Yes.

The transition from quiet patriot to “grassroots” minor celeb has brought a whiplash of political, media and legal challenges and opportunities—along with clarity of my conservative values. (As a former registered Democrat, now registered Republican, I wish I could register Conservative, but not in California—the “Altered State.”)

I’m not sure whether to send a thank you note to Barack Hussein Obama or Lois Lerner.

Obama’s signing on Feb. 17, 2009 of the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009” inspired my “tea party” genes; Lois Lerner’s invoking on May 22, 2013 the Fifth Amendment incited them.

Between 2010 and 2012, the SFV Patriots hosted events that drew hundreds to a Tax Day Rally (250); a 9-11 Memorial (275) and a July 4 rally (200). Now, tax debt and shriveled attendance at public rallies restricts our civic virtue to monthly meetings, a growing social media footprint, speaker presentations and distribution of free pocket versions of America’s founding documents. Yet, our numbers grow as we attract patriots from across the spectrum of party and union politics

In July 2012, I withdrew our application for tax-exempt status after three interrogatories by the IRS, including a demand for our donor list—a clear violation of policy and our First Amendment rights. We continue to pursue litigation with the American Center for Law and Justice, which represents nearly 40 groups targeted by the IRS.

At a recent speech, someone asked why we continue. The answer is simple: America is exceptional. No other nation is built on the principles within our Founding Documents.

As far as a proctological view of America? I’ll leave that to the Progressives.

We patriots prefer our nation’s heart and mind.

Karen L. Kenney, PhD, is coordinator of the San Fernando Valley Patriots

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