Wilk Ok’s CA Budget While on Facebook

Legislators are NOT elected and sent to Sacramento to be distracted by postings on Facebook….they are elected to represent their constituents.

Is NOT excusable to cast the wrong vote, specially when it deals with the people’s money, tax increases, the water draught, more bureaucracy, and other important issues that
are part of budget deliberations.

Mr. Wilk owes an apology to his constituents, of course I’m sure that it was accidentally that he cast the wrong vote, but the needs to pay more attention and refrained from using, and stay away from his cell, not tweet or check postings on Facebook when he is on the floor of the State Capitol, if an emergency family matter should occur, his staff will alert him.

Actually that should apply to every member of the Legislature, Democrat, Republican, or Independent.

Celeste Greig

Distracted GOP lawmaker accidentally OKs California budget

Scott Wilk

A Republican lawmaker accidentally cast his party’s first vote for the California budget in years because he was distracted by Facebook.

Assemblyman Scott Wilk was the sole Republican to vote for California’s record $117.5 billion spending plan Monday.

The Santa Clarita lawmaker later clarified he accidentally supported the bill in the Capitol while opposing it on Facebook. He posted on Twitter “My wife is right — I can’t multitask!”

California’s budget is being negotiated between Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic legislative leaders. They have yet to reach a final deal.

Wilk’s blunder won’t show up on the official legislative record because the Assembly allows lawmakers to change their official votes.

He did so after session ended, receiving applause from fellow Republicans and boos from Democrats.

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