Hannity’s Headlines: Mexican Drug Cartels Smuggling Terrorists into Texas




Mexican Drug Cartels Smuggling Terrorists into Texas

While the Obama Administration is busy planning to grant executive amnesty for even more illegal immigrants, Mexican drug cartels are busy smuggling individuals from countries with terrorist ties into a small town near El Paso, TX.

According to Judicial Watch, the individuals-classified as “Special Interest Aliens”-are being smuggled via farm roads (rather than highways) to avoid Border Patrol and law enforcement barriers.

Judicial Watch says their law enforcement and intelligence sources confirm that these aliens are also being smuggled through border region airfields, including the Horizon Airport (formerly known as the West Texas Airport).

Couple this report with a 2013 study by the Center for Immigration Studies that found that “98 percent of the approximately 550,000 individuals on the terrorist watch list are foreign-born. Roughly 10,000 to 20,000 on the watch list reside within the United States” and it isn’t hard to see we have a major problem on our hands.

When will the Obama Administration and governing elites realize that the first step to preserving America and protecting her citizens is to close the borders?
Something has got to change.

An Early Poll Lead Is Not Always Best
As the race for President continues to heat up, we’ve seen resilient Donald Trump grab a larger lead in the race for the GOP Presidential nomination. Monmouth University released a poll showing Trump with a 14 percent lead over former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. It’s clear that Trump is shaping up to be the one to beat but we’ve seen this story before.

In 2012, just before the Florida GOP Primary, Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had a 9 point lead over Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. As the field narrowed with the departure of former Senator Rick Santorum and Congressman Ron Paul, Gingrich found it more difficult to maintain his momentum and eventually, Romney found his footing and pulled through.

Over the next few weeks we will see a significant change in the polls as the 17 candidate field starts to whittle down. If Donald Trump is sitting with this same lead by the middle of September, we may indeed know who’ll be facing Hillary Clinton… if she can survive her own troubles.