One World Trade Center

The video is a little bit long, but very … very.. interesting, and worth the time to see this building is fascinating, especially to be able to see the beauty that can arise from so such devastation caused by evil, fanatic, hateful men. Those of us who were able to see the site of destruction during the National Republican Convention in New York City a few years later, were in tears and anger for such a brutal act of hatred, and the murdered of over 3400 innocent people. And now the people can see something beautiful that came out of that horrible day.

Please enjoy it.
Celeste Greig – Publisher

NEW YORK | Nearly 14 years after the collapse of the twin towers, the new One World Trade Center tower finally open to the public on 29 May. The opening of the observation platform at the top of One World Trade Center is undoubtedly the most anticipated event this spring in New York. The tower 1776 feet high (in homage to the year of American independence) is the highest in the Western Hemisphere.
The platform is built on three floors (100th, 101st and 102nd). The view is 381 meters high, unsurprisingly, breathtaking. For reference, the observation platform of the Empire State Building is located at 373 meters and the Rockefeller Center is 259 meters.
102 floors in 60 seconds. The multimedia experience starts on the ground floor. After passing the security check, visitors will line in a tunnel, where the foundations of the tower will be exhibited. Another corridor presents multimedia portraits of men and women who have worked in rebuilding the tower.

Five lifts (Sky pods) transport visitors from 1st to 102nd floor in 60 seconds. They are among the fastest in the world. The walls of the lifts are LED screens that project images of the New York skyline from the 1600s to the present, as if it was outside the ascent in a glass cube. At the 102nd floor, we find the theater “See Forever,” which presents a film about the reconstruction of the site and the 101st floor, there are three restaurants. At 100th floor, it has a 360 degree panorama of the city. We see the George Washington Bridge up there and all Brooklyn. One unfortunately can not go outside like the “Top of the World” old twin towers.

Tickets ($ 32 for adults and $ 26 for children) Access to the observatory will be free for the families of the victims and rescuers. It is estimated that the observatory will generate revenues of $875 million over 15 years

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