GREIGREPORT.com is a new political and current affairs blog founded by conservative activist, Celeste Greig. This blog will feature contributions from notable names in politics, business, public policy and current affairs.

We are not here to sell our principles for political expedience, we’ll listen to everybody’s opinion.  Some times we may compromise on ideas, but never on principle, we’ll respect everyone’s point of view and religious background.  However we’ll adhere to our Judeo-Christian heritage that guide us.

Our strategy is going to be to reach out, inform and educate our readership and supporters, on every day issues of concern and interest to the working American families, within our communities, counties, state and federal levels (education, employment, health, lower taxes, small government, the free enterprise system, agriculture, transportation, streets and neighborhood safety,  small businesses, immigration, good public policy, the rule of law, candidates, elections, transparency from our elected officials), and many other issues that our op-ed contributors may wish to address.



At least a couple of close friends of mine produce outstanding informative political blogs, which many of us enjoy and that have8P553399 become part of our lives’ daily reading ritual.  For the last three years I have been encouraged and inspired and wanted to have my own blog, and finally with the help and support of a few of my friends, my dream has come true.

I did not have the privilege that most American people have, I was not born in this exceptional country. However I had the common sense to chose to
be an American citizen through the naturalization process, I did not circumvented or violated our immigration laws, came to the United States of America through due process.

A constitutional, conservative Republican and a long time political volunteer (fundraising, voter registration, precinct walking, get out the vote, locally, statewide and out of state), responsible for electing and re-electing conservative candidates to public office staring with the one and only Ronald Reagan for President.

Strong believer in the right to life of the unborn and that life begins at conception.

Believe very strongly in Faith, Family, Freedom (country), Friendship, and yes…..Food and Fun.

I have tremendous love and respect for our Armed Forces, I strongly believe that our veterans deserve the best, I was married all my life to a great man and an honorable decorated Marine (RIP).

My children and grandchildren are my life, I’m lucky to have some very good friends who have my back and vise-versa, who I love dearly and hundreds of acquaintances, I’m a professional business woman.

For the last 30 years I have served in numerous leadership capacities, Board of Directors of the California Republican Party, Women Federated, County Commissions, Pro-Life organizations, other non profit and business organizations.

I’m very passionate and in love with this great country of ours.

All of the above will be from the conservative point of view. I hope you will come along with me on this adventure.

We have lots to talk about…


Founder & Publisher

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